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Zoe Liraz Coaching

"Review your situation
  Consider your options
  Plan your strategy
  After a
ll, it is your future that matters"
  Diane Saunders 

Why are we talking about mental health so much but not taking action to help ourselves?

Throughout our teenage years we are led to believe that our adult lives will be an amazing time and convince ourselves that everything gets easier and better. We think that our lives will just fall into place, usually hoping that from one day to the next we will have things figured out. That was me anyway! Our twenty's or 'adulthood' tend to start without much thought or worry because we have so much time, right? But then, in what feels like a flash, we're supposed to have it all figured out. However, all these massive shifts that we are living through have changed the markers for independence, which often leaves us with negative feelings of failure and generally not feeling good enough... 


Coaching can help you deal with these feelings and help you find a positive life path.

Why Coaching


The core aim of any coaching session is to use a conversation based approach to move a person from where they currently are to where they want to be.


However, without deeper work this usually only creates temporary solutions.
This is why transformational coaching is different. You will be guided into digging deeper by exploring your beliefs, values, assumptions and expectations. This will help create more self-awareness and understanding of your own thought processes, behavioural patterns
 and personal boundaries. This will leave you feeling empowered, creative and resourceful creating a more long-term change.

The first step is to review your situation before we can gain any awareness. 


Once you create awareness you can start to plan and consider your options by working out a plan with manageable and realistic steps on how to achieve a goal.


The action part of any plan can be the hardest part. Implementing change in any way takes confidence, creativity and motivation. As a transformational coach I will guide you through these steps while always being supportive and non-judgemental. 




Why are reactions and emotions difficult to process ?

I believe it's partly because there is so much we don't know about how and why our brains process and interpret things. We have so much to figure out about ourselves and the world around us, while also trying to 'be adults'. This is why I have created a 10 session programme, 

'What We Didn't Learn In School'. 

To help us understand all the emotions and feelings we have. I truly believe these 10 sessions will change the way you see and process everything!

What we didn't learn in school

Session 1: Personal Session 

What is your starting point? How are you feeling about yourself and your relationships?


Session 2: Life Scripts 

 What are life scripts? How young you are when they are already set? What was going on for you at this age?


Session 3: Values/beliefs

What are they? What are yours and how do they affect us when they are being


Session 4: Triggers, Expectations & Assumptions 

Why do we have them & what is the best way to deal with them? How do they affect our relationships with others & ourselves?

Session 5: Personal Boundaries & Healthy Relationships 

 How we want to be treated by our parents/friends/partners? How do we establish or change these boundaries?

Session 6: Personal Session

What’s coming to the surface for you at this point? Anything we need to work through & process.

Session 7: Transactional Analysis

What is this? How does understanding this help with good communication styles?

Session 8: Negative Thoughts

 Where they come from and how to challenge & change them?

Session 9: Negative Patterns of Behaviour

 Why do we keep doing things we know don’t serve us in a positive way? Why is it so difficult to change habits?

Session 10:  Personal Session

How has this program been for you? How are you feeling about yourself and your relationships now? Anything we need to work through & process?


Transformational Coaching Sessions 










What We Didn't Learn In School Programme




 Prices can be paid with a flexible instalment plan 


L, Italy

Working with Zoe will help you getting in touch with yourself and the dynamics that are playing out in your life. Her sessions are calm and soothing, a safe space from where you can explore your own world: through my coaching journey I developed ways to check-in with myself, before taking the next steps in my life. Ultimately I learned how to take actions with confidence. 
Exploring different perspectives on both the psychological blocks and practical obstacles, Zoe supported me finding courage and resilience, with an open heart and a big smile!

Denise, Nicaragua

"I couldn't recommend Zoe more! She is warm, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in her clients' success. Her commitment to the process helped convince me of its value for my decision making.
Despite a difference in life experience (ie. age!), I felt that Zoe understood where I was at. 
Zoe knew the right questions to ask to push my thinking in the right direction. Months later, I still think of her probing questions, and remember her gentle encouragement to focus on my achievements over my failures!"

Anna, UK

"My session with Zoe was awesome! Her questions really made space for deep knowledge to come through and I feel we reached a solution by the end. Zoe's open, non-judgemental approach is a great way to connect with people and I felt heard. 


My 20s and what I see as my 'adult life' started in Vienna, Austria. I left home at 18 to live in Israel for a year, and then moved to Vienna until I was 23. Although this was all very exciting - I was going through the start of the biggest transition that I had been through, so far, in a place where I didn’t have my family or anyone I knew and it wasn’t easy!


I was fortunate enough to find an incredible family to work for as a nanny. Through that job I ended up being surrounded by supportive adults who taught me a lot, and who I’m friends with to this day. However, there’s no denying how difficult I found being away from home and how unwell I ended up being. Physically I lost a lot of weight, and mentally I was a complete mess. 


I was riddled with guilt and confusion as I had everything I had dreamed of when I first got on that one-way flight to Israel at 18. I had my own flat, a lovely boyfriend, a great job and a ridiculously cute dog. The fact that all these things weren’t making me happy was bizarre.


Most people I went to school with were at university getting a degree - something that was generally considered more useful/practical than what I was doing. At the time I felt like I wasn’t doing much at all, and I started to think maybe all my teachers were right and I should have copied my classmates and gone to uni.


I decided to start doing something to help myself move out of the funk. A big part of this started with deleting all my social media. Instagram was the first to go, and honestly that helped massively.

I started Open University, put more effort into learning German and threw myself into Viennese culture and life in the capital. 


Taking these steps to push myself towards feeling happier helped but only temporarily. Three years later I decided it was time to go back home. Initially, I really didn’t want to leave as it felt like a total failure to go back to England. It took me about 3 more years, and a lot of coaching and support from family and friends to finally be grateful for the experience that those years gave me. I grew so much, became more disciplined and saw the value in pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  


Rather than feeling like I wasted those years and that I didn’t make the most out of the experience, or sad that I didn’t travel as much as I could have - I used the support given to me to help me understand that even though the plan I made for myself at the young age of 16 didn’t turn out how I had imagined, I was not a failure.

I was a completely different person at 19 (let alone 16!) and then again, by the time I was 23 there had been so many shifts and changes within me. The plans and dreams I made at that age didn’t work out because I'd grown so much and wanted things from life that I didn’t even consider possible a few years before.

Once I was home I started studying different things. I had always wanted to be a florist and had gained a love of gardening in Israel so I did Horticulture and Floristry. I soon realised those weren’t the industries that I wanted to be in and I missed the element of working with people. Eventually, I started to think about Horticultural Therapy so I completed a Social and Therapeutic Horticulture course, a few courses on Mental Health and finally found the Animas Transformational Coaching Diploma. All of this has led me here!


 I am now 27 and still very much going through my own transformational years. I do know however, that for now, I would love to use everything that I have learnt from my experience and studies to help other people through whatever transition it is that they are facing.

Zoe Liraz Coaching


Social and Therapeutic Horticulture

Green Care

Mental Health Awareness

First Aid for Mental Health FFA Level 3

Supporting Change Resistant and Dependant Drinkers

Autism and Down syndrome Training 

Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Diploma

Transformational Coaching Diploma 

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